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Communicating effectively with people can be difficult.

Although comprehensive training is ideal, below are some online Communication Training Modules intended to help you successfully interact with: Business Colleagues, Bosses, Management, Customers, Family Members, Friends, Peers, Mates, Potential Mates, and with Those from Other Cultures.

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What Is Dual De-Escalation Training

What Is Dual De-Escalation Training

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The Art of Effective Communication

Become A Certified Communicator

Enroll now to complete the Onyx Level 1 Communication Certification designed for you to learn:

- The Listening Process & 4 Ways To Listen Better
- The Nature of Language & How to Properly Use The Language of Responsibility

- The 5 Characteristics of Competent Communicators

-- Plus More --

*Establish the Communication Culture You, Your Family, & Co-Workers Deserve*

The Office:   

Effective Workplace Communication

Communicating effectively is one of our greatest challenges. No matter where you work; a Fortune 500 company, a Government office, in Retail, or a doctor''s office, employers place a premium on effective communication. It's not only the way you get a job, it's the way you keep it.

In a recent survey, of the top 10 desired skills employers seek, effective communication were numbers 1, 2, and 10 on the list. Our Workplace Communication series provide employers the tools to help employees increase their communication aptitude.

The International Worker:       Employee Edition

No matter where you are hired; walking into a corporate culture that you did not establish or contribute to is difficult.  Accepting an international job further complicates the path to success due to the cultural communication rules you are likely unaware of.  Our Workplace Communication series provide the tools to help increase your communication aptitude regardless of the country you are currently (or will be) adapting to. This session is dedicated to improving your communication with co-workers from other countries/communication backgrounds that work in any office.

Customer Service:

Interaction Essentials

Yes, great customer service can increase sales, in the same way that poor customer service can decrease them.  But, the reasons for learning great customer service run much deeper than a one-time sell.  Great customer service can provide valuable feedback, build loyalty, and increase positive word-of-mouth advertising (free): all of which can contribute to increased revenue.  Our Workplace Communication series provide the tools to help increase your sells and retain customers. This session is dedicated to improving the customer service in your business.

The Interview:

Learn Interpersonal Communication Skills To Get The Job You Want

While resumes and cover letters can get you in the door, interviews - whether in person - phone - or video conferencing - can get you the job.  No matter where you desire to work; a Fortune 500 company, a Government office, in Retail, fast food, or a doctor's office, it's almost impossible to get a job without having a good interview.

Our Professional Development series provide the tools that help you increase your communication aptitude. This session is dedicated to teaching the communication techniques that will allow you to interview effectively.

The International Worker: EMPLOYER Edition

Develping a strong employee-employer connection is invaluable in workplaces with people from different cultures.  The employees' backgrounds can differ in a multitude of ways, so creating shared goals and methods of communication is crucial to productivity and success. Our Workplace Communication series provide employers the tools to increase the communication skills with employees from different countries and cultures.

The Cure:

For Bad Communication In Intimate Relationships

A recent survey revealed: lack of effective communication ranked #3 reason people divorced.  A lack of social relationships jeopardizes coronary health to a degree comparable to cigarette smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and the lack of physical activity.  Divorced men (before age 70) die from heart disease, cancer, and strokes at double the rate of married men.  This session is dedicated to improving your communication with those you consider the closest, those whose relationships you value the most.

Dual De-Escalation:

A Public Safety Initiative

Peaceful Traffic Stop Communication Techniques: For Law Enforcement & Community Members

A routine traffic stop can be full of tension. This stress is exacerbated or suppressed based on how the parties interact /communicate. We have witnessed Law Enforcement - Community Member interactions lead to violence and death. For the safety of Law Enforcement Officers and Community Members, addressing how both sides communicate is no longer an individual issue, it is a Public Safety issue.

This training is designed to educate both Law Enforcement Officers & the Individuals in the Communities they serve on the differing roles they play in the peaceful resolution of a traffic stop.

The Doctor's Office:

Healthcare Worker Series

According to research dating back to 2010, listening skills are the key to improved customer satisfaction, building partnerships, and maintaining effective relationships among supervisors. Researches in the field of Nursing noted patients remarks about the importance of listening as, "freeing and healing". Being listened to provided them with a sense of well-being and acceptance. Therefore, the therapeutic use of listening may enhance patient's emotional and physical healing potential. This session is dedicated to improving the communication of healthcare workers; which includes all employees that contribute to the patient experience.

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One thing I really got from the class is that I am more aware of my communication skills and I approach communication with others with more forethought.  I actually think about what I want the end result to be…whether it’s a client, my teenager or the grocery store clerk.

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